Long Exposure Firework Photographs by David Johnson

New year celebration is just in two days, most people from different countries celebrate it with luxuries and colorful firework display, there are a lot of belief that connects to it, but i myself doesn’t know any single significance, all i know is, fireworks are just so amazing to watch during the New year’s eve.

Photographers around the world also delight during this season and preparing to capture the most stunning firework photos. After the New year celebration, every one will notice from social networking websites, photography community websites and other photo sharing apps that there is an increase of firework photos being shared.

We are sharing you today, this one unusual technique of capturing fireworks which is an awe inspiring. Enjoy the work of David Johnson – Ottawa photographer who’ll point his lens at anything and everything.

Long exposure plus refocus during exposure is the secret to these unusual photos.

All the above photos can be found from his flickr page – http://www.flickr.com/photos/daveyjphoto/sets/72157632164084857/with/8242868519/

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  • Dante Mdz.

    Wow! Beatiful. Look like flowers.

    • They are indeed looks like flowers.