Surreal Artworks of Mario S. Nevado

Mario Sánchez Nevado is an independent Art Director and Illustrator. He was born in Barcelona, risen in Murcia and currently live on the Spanish capital, Madrid. Mario have got more than a decade of expertise on his back, illustrating and designing for music bands and publishing houses.

Besides for the passion he feel for all things creative (that gets shaded by surrealism, fantasy, sometimes political messages, and other, dark atmospheres), that he develop the freelance-way, Mario employ himself in other full-time activities, such as directing the international artistic collective Hysterical Minds, as well as writing from time to time, advanced user tutorials for Adobe Photoshop over at PSD Tuts from the Envato Network.

His main artistic capacities, apart from an eye for mathematical composition, color psychology and visual narratives, are photo manipulation and digital painting, that he usually combine to create his own distinctive aesthetic mark.










You can visit his personal website for more of his works.


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  • Shawn Rubel

    Great vision, seem slike he is trying to apply a lot of philosophy to his art.