Measures That Are Vital Other Than Coding to Create a Website

How to build your own website is a question that is necessary for every person who wants to have online business. Proper marketing or promotion is also vital as only domain name, web hosting and a colorful display would not be enough to generate sales. You need to apply the standard procedures to create a website. The prime objective of a website is to help the website owners to attain the specific purpose for which that particular website was created. The customers can contact your 24 hours with ease. Anytime they can give you feedback about your products and services.


How to plan the navigation of a site?

To make the site user friendly the very first step would be to make the navigation easier. Keep in mind search engines also checks it. The users can get the desired stuff if the navigation is quite simple and easy. If you want to invite customers on pages other than root page then proper guidelines should be there. Home page directs the readers about further navigation. So, in short the navigation is usually base on your home page. How can the customers move on to a specific page from a general page? This is the most relevant question that arises here. Sometimes breadcrumb lists are also helpful for visitors as they allow them to navigate quickly to root page or to a previous section in seconds.

Don’t allow 404 errors on your website:

Some visitors do not want to use breadcrumb links rather they just remove some part of URLs and expect to get the specific data on the web page. For example, your URL is http// and the visitor remove some part from that link and it becomes like this http//, it means he or she just want all news that were recorded in 2013. So, are you prepared to present such information? Or your website will give error which is known as 404 error. This is really harmful for the reputation and ranking of your website.

How many sitemaps are ideal for a website?

It is recommended to have a couple of maps. One Sitemap should be for search engines and other one must be for general public. They can have a complete list for the pages. In case a website has a lot of pages then it would be a good option to have a compact list to pick up a particular subject. Search engines also crawl to have a clear picture about the whole website. Search engines discover a particular page with the help of XML Sitemap. In same way HTML Sitemap should not contain any broken links. It should not be outdated.

How to keep your readers intact?

Another thing would be to create a unique but relevant content. It is the stuff that keeps your audience and readers intact. The future visits of readers depend upon the nature and authenticity of the articles that you write for your website. Use most recent or updated info for the visitors. Be quick and try to be first in publishing latest news regarding your niche. But you have to anticipate the readers’ needs first. Try to evaluate the keywords that come mostly in search engines. This can increase page views accordingly.

The article is contributed by Gloria Philips. She is content writer and guest blogger. She loves to share the secrets and tips about how to create a website for your business in simple steps.

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