50K Designers, 112K Websites 1 Code-Free Professional Design Studio, Meet Webydo

Broadly speaking there are two ways to create a website.

One is to sign up to use a DIY website creator and select a standard template, tweak it a little here and there, insert your text and media and hit publish. This method is simple quick fix but because there are a limited number of templates for you to choose from, your site will not be unique.

The second method is the one which more serious website owners employ. They hire a designer and ask them to design the image of the website as per their instructions and then they seek a developer to convert that design into HTML code. Research shows that 70% of the total money spent by the client goes to the developers and designers receive just 30%.

However Webydo is leading the way in the B2B market and providing professional web and graphic designers with the golden standard of online design studios to produce exceptional websites.


Webydo is putting designers in the driver’s seat. They have created a premium software that runs on an algorithm which was designed by a group of skilled mathematicians. This software ensures that designers create beautiful websites without a background or degree in web development or coding.

Here’s how it works.

So when a designer will goes to use Webydo, they won’t feel alienated by the software or under minded. The designer will feel right at home with the familiar and advanced design studio, while Webydo’s system will keep generating a code in the background for the pages design.


When the designer is finished with the project, Webydo’s ready with its HTML code that designers can send directly to their clients.

Please note Webydo is not just another website creator or intended for amateur DIY site creators because it is not meant for the average Joe. It is intended for professional web and graphic designers and offers far more options than what ordinary website creator tools offer.

Below I’ll discuss some of the important features that make Webydo unique in the product offering and fit into this niche market for professional designers.

Professional Features

You must have visited websites where when you click on a link you are taken to one section of a page but when you click on another link, you are taken to another section of the same page. Such links are known as anchor links. These are especially useful when you have, say, written a book and published it as a webpage and you want readers to reach a particular chapter as soon as they click on the chapter name in the contents.

Webydo lets you create anchor links to give more professionalism to your web pages. You can select different parts and then choose the anchor link option.


As I said, Webydo is meant for professional designers and hence it comes equipped with certain high quality professional features. Designers can design in-browser with a sophisticated website design software that will provide them with complete control over all their design elements.

You have several options to begin your design project, the first is to go with a blank canvas to unleash your creative designs, take inspiration from one of the readymade designs or pick from one of the basic layouts and edit it accordingly. Everything is completely adjustable and designed for you to update to fit your design criteria.



Webydo cares for you. They have devoted a complete page to listening to their customers’ needs and requirements. The software is created by designers, for designers. All features in the system were created to fulfill a designer’s need.


On their participate page designers can suggest new features, report bugs, and vote for the features suggested by other designers. The feature that gets maximum votes will be added to Webydo.

The website is worth checking out. Go and take a look, and then let me know what you think in the comments below.


This article is proudly presented and sponsored by Webydo’s designer’s community.


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