The Big Explosion of 2017: Monstroid 2 Multipurpose Template

People who are new to webdesign often think that a template is something similar to a skin that you put on top of the website engine. Then, what they expect to get are a ready-made layout and color scheme of a website that they can fill in with the contents.

Modern website templates are much more then this. Oftentimes, a top-notch template may have more settings and adjustable options then the website engine itself. Of course, you can do without a template, and even without an engine, but that’s definitely not what you need on your way to a perfect website.

Modern templates have a lot on top of their basic functions. Oftentimes, the functionality that comes with the template is the secret ingredient for turning your website into one of the leading website in the area. Additional functionality of the template may include builders that let you customize the template with ease and create exactly what you need; plugins that offer you additional functionality and allow integrating rich multimedia base to your website, as well as create countdown timers, launch appointment booking system, display interactive schedules and timetables, and much more. And, of course, modern templates boast of top-notch designs that bring you Parallax and video backgrounds, ghost buttons, animated graphs and diagrams, clear-cut grid structure, balanced amount of text and pictures and eye-friendly typography.

Today, we want to present you the template that is the summit of modern webdesign, the multifunctional template that is armed to the teeth with functionality. The name of this template is Monstroid2. In this post, I will explore its design and functionality to see why it’s so outstanding. I will explore such topics as:

  1. Monstroid2 Story;
  2. GPL license;
  3. Template Installation;
  4. Page Builder;
  5. Pre-built plugins and their functionality;
  6. Skins available;
  7. E-commerce options;
  8. Support and Documentation.

So, let’s the journey begin!

What’s behind: Story of a Big Success

Creation of Monstroid2 took the team of best code experts, 3D artists, illustrators and designers almost a year. This template was developed by TemplateMonster team that used all their creativity and technical skill to bring you the product of supreme quality.  TemplateMonster is one of the leading companies on the template market that sold more than one million templates in 2016. They have over 15 years of experience in the field and definitely know what is needed in 2017 for a high-converting website.

Check out this video to learn what ideas inspired the creation of this template:

GPL License

GNU General Public License (or simply GPL) is a popular software license, which guarantees end users the freedom to run, study, share and modify the software. You can read more about it under this link. However, this license is more common for website engines and CMS (Content Management systems) and is rarely met among the templates.
The team behind Monstroid2 wanted to share their respect to WordPress CMS, and, in line with WordPress that is distributed under GPL license, created the product that also runs on less restrictive GPL terms. The team explains that they wanted to spread such a great product as much as possible and allow people use it as a base for their own developments and modifications.

GPL3 license means for you the following:

  • Just forget about single-site licenses. With the template, you can create as many websites as you wish.
  • You can install the template on as many domains as you want. There are no limitations in Monstroid2 use. It’s yours for a lifetime!
  • You can edit the source code up to your wish. The code of Monstroid2 is open-source, and this means that you have all the rights to modify the code and share it with people.
  • You can distribute the pieces of modified code as your own development.

GPL 3 license gives you the ultimate freedom to use the template when and where you need, and to be creative in your projects.


Trouble-free Installation with a Wizard

Many of those, who purchase a template, are concerned, whether they’ll be able to install it themselves, without having to pay for it. One of the aims of Monstroid2 team was to create a template that even a complete novice in webdesign can handle.

To simplify the process of installation, Monstroid2 team equipped the template with an Installation Wizard that lets you install the template in a couple of clicks. The procedure is really simple: you run the Wizard; it installs the template, all the skins and plugins for you, and then, it asks, whether you’d like to install sample data. If you press yes, the Wizard loads all the demo-content for you and you get the template that looks like Live Demo. Of course, installation takes up to 5 minutes, but relax, you won’t be doing much for it. Just lay back and observe the progress bar reaching the 100% mark.


Your Creative Freedom with Page Builder

If you are a novice in webdesign the thought of editing the template code may be frightening for you. Years back, it was probably the case that you had to master HTML code. At present, the top-notch templates don’t make you do this, and, at the same time, provide you with extended customization options that would please even the most demanding ones.

The tool that Monstroid 2 team prepared for you is Power Builder. This visual editor lets you edit the template layout with simple drag-and-drop and gives you unlimited opportunities for creating unique pages that fit your ideal vision. You can choose between multiple styles of header and footer display, huge number of layout variants, unlimited styling options. Editing the template becomes fun, and I really mean it.

With Power Builder, you can insert an unlimited number of elements in the page. These elements are: sliders, accordions, call-to-action buttons, bar counters, contact forms, and much more. You can see the full list here:


All you May Need: Plugins

Monstroid 2 comes with a number of plugins that give additional functionality to your template. All these plugins are prebuilt, and this means that you get them free as a part of the template.

There are 20+ plugins that come free with Monstroid2. The prebuilt plugins include such popular solutions as BuddyPress, bbPress, WooCommerce, etc., as well as unique solutions, developed by TemplateMonster Team, that let you work with social media, testimonials, timelines, menus, appointments, events, galleries, and much more.

Let’s see what plugins you get and what you can use them for:

  • bbPress

A plugin for setting up the forum. A forum powered by bbPress lets you encourage the discussion on your website and, thus, attract more traffic to it.

  • BuddyPress

A modern plugin for social networks and communities. BuddyPress is a set of components that offer you additional functionality for managing public discussions, groups and communities in social networks.

  • WooCommerce

A powerful, extendable plugin for E-commerce. It’s flexible and is used by 30% of all e-stores in the world.

  • MotoPress Menu

This plugin allows creating online restaurant menu. With it, you can show what you offer in your café or restaurant.

  • MotoPress Schedule

Add a schedule to your website. The schedule has a clean minimalistic design; it can display events and time diagrams.

  • Cherry Projects

Present you projects in the best way possible with the help of Cherry Projects plugin.

  • TM Timeline

TM Timeline allows presenting the most important events of your company in the chronological order. It can be perfect for your “About us” page. The interface of the plugin is pretty simple, so you won’t have to spend much time creating a timeline.

  • TM WooCommerce Package

This plugin is based on WooCommerce and encompasses a number of feature-rich widgets that allow you more precise customization of your online-store.

  • MotoPress Hotel Booking

This plugin lets you create the multifunctional platform for travelling and tourism. With its help, you can promote your hotel and make it more popular.

  • Cherry Social

This is the tool for managing social networks integration. It lets you manage different social networks with ease.

  • Cherry Megamenu

Up-to-date, flexible Megamenu is an important ingredient of every successful website, blog or e-commerce store.

  • Booked Appointment

This is an interactive calendar for effective time-management.

  • Event Calendar

This extension allows sharing your events with your website guests.

More than 10 Templates in One: Skins

For those of you, who plan to build more than one website with Monstroid2 under the terms of GPL3 license, I’ve got some great news. Actually, Monstroid2 is not just one template; it has skins that let you built websites for different branches of industry. Each skin is a template for a separate branch of industry.

Currently, Monstroid 2 comes with 10 skins available for it. Each of the skins is tailored for a specific branch of industry; each of them offers its own design and layout. That is why you get 10 websites instead of one with Monstroid2.

It’s worth mentioning that is you purchase Monstroid2, you’ll get all its updates free. There will be more skins coming later on, so expect to have 25+ skins in the near future.

Go E-commerce with Monstroid2: WooCommerce Integration

Monstroid2 template is ready to be turned into an E-commerce store. The template comes with the pre-built WooCommerce plugin that lets you create an e-store out of your website. WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugins for creating an e-store out of a WordPress website, and, I would say, this is the best solution for this. WooCommerce is more than just a plugin. This is the whole new world of e-commerce that you add on top of your WordPress CMS. Therefore, what you get is the user-friendly functionality of WordPress, multiplied by no less user-friendly functionality of WooCommerce. It’s worth mentioning that WooCommerce itself has a number of plugins developed for it that you can use for the further extension of your online store.

Never Ever Be Lost: 24/7 Support

Monstroid2 means high customer satisfaction, and the team of its developers does everything for it. Monstrod2 is well-documented: there are multiple tutorials and video guides for it. What is more important, Monstroid 2 comes with 24/7 Live Support. Whenever you feel lost or just want to ask a question you can drop a line or call TemplateMonster Technical Support and their highly qualified team will provide you with an answer or with a guide. There is no need to wait weeks for tickets to be addressed or for forum questions to be answered. This is one of the best template supports up to date, and you are bound to appreciate it on your way to your perfect website.


It’s time to wrap up. I mentioned a couple of sides of Monstroid2 greatness. Frankly speaking, I just can’t describe all its amazing features. To conclude, I can say, this is definitely one of the best templates that came out this winter and it is bound to hold the lead all the year long.

To learn more about Monstroid2, watch this informative video:

If you have any questions, feel free to use the comments section below. Stay tuned!

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