Nature Inspired Photo Manipulation for Inspiration

Creative designers will never stop to go beyond their usual ways whenever they express themselves in their workmanship and that’s where they were able to come up with a creative art form in this digital age called photo manipulation. The application of illusions, deceptions or any other image editing techniques are no longer difficult and at the same time are very much possible nowadays with the use of Adobe Photoshop comprehensively. Photo manipulation has never been so easy if not because of this most popular graphic editing program.  To emphasize some of the beautiful illusions together with the nicest blend of vibrant colors executed in a realistic way here are some jaw-dropping manipulated photos that will make your day.

Baby come back

Becoming Missarwana

Black Hole Sun




The God of Smoke

The Gymnast

The Mask of Sorrow

The Missarwana Evolution

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  • JahSun

    Very cool. Wonderful work.

    Love the surrealism and juxtaposition of images to create these kind of archetypal characters and landscapes.

    A little love for the artist(s) would be nice, though. There is no mention of who created these pieces… a cardinal sin IMHO.

  • All of the manipulation works are so good that I am finding it difficult to identify which one is the best! The addition of nature in manipulation works really stun me many of the times. And yes just got an inspiration to try it by myself soon, thank you.