New York Taxi Advertising: Top Rules For Effective Full Wrap Taxi Advertisement

In New York, one of the most popular forms of taxi advertisement is the full wrap. Among all the different types of taxi advertisement nowadays, this one is the biggest and most visible of them all. If you wish to make the most out of your New York taxi advertising, it is best that you keep some considerations in mind. To help you design the best full wrap taxi advertisement there is, here are some of the basic rules that you should fully grasp:


Create a good branding.

Not all full wrap advertisements succeed in New York. This is because most of these feature poor branding recognition. When designing a taxi wrap, the main message that you should send is your company’s brand. This is needed unless you already have a nationwide branding. This is most applicable to small businesses that are just starting up. Not establishing your brand before designing an advertising strategy will pave the way for failure. You will be wasting not only a good amount of money but a great marketing opportunity as well. If possible, you can just place the logo of your brand along with what your products and services are. You should also remember putting your contact details in the ads as this can help people to recognize your brand and find a way to keep in touch with you.

Aim to stand out.

Know what everyone is doing then go the opposite way. However, you must not assume that the opposite is always what’s best. You need to consider what would actually capture the attention of your target market. No matter how different your ads may be, it will not be effective if it is not visually appealing to your prospective customers.


Make it as obvious and simple as possible.

Keep in mind that people do not have a long time to look at your taxi advertisement since taxis would usually just pass by. This is why you should make the branding as obvious as possible. If your target client would have to work hard to recognize your branding, then it would not be effective. When designing the content of your advertisement, think of the one thing that you would like your client to remember about your brand.


Avoid using photos.

Shy away from using photos since photos do not create any connection to the brand. This is the very reason why most full wrap advertisements that feature photos are not as effective. A photo does not have anything to do with your brand identity. It is just related to what your company is all about but not to your branding.


A full wrap is arguably one of the most effective types of taxi advertisement. However, this should be done right if you really want to make the most out of this amazing marketing tool. By following all these simple guides, you will be able to create a full wrap layout that will leave a mark to all people who would be able to see it.

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