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Benefit of Responsive WordPress Theme

When I first came across to the term responsive web design, I was like lost in the forest that I have no idea what is all about. The awkward thing happened to me as I manage this blog and someone have submitted a guest post that talks about responsive web design and during that time I never give much attention and not even take time to read and understand the article.

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Collections of Windows 8 Wallpapers

The consumer preview of the next windows OS is out, the windows 8, and as we wait for this to hit our nearest tech store and get our hand dirty with it we settle for our current OS for now, seat back and wait for the final release but if you can no longer hold the excitement, why not decorate your current windows OS with the latest Windows 8 wallpapers. We collected the best designs, which we know that at least suffice your eagerness with the new OS, and I am for sure, you are one of those creative individual …

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Beautiful Horizontal Scrolling Website Designs

When it comes to web design, our first impression is a vertical collection of elements and data and this trend of design has been the foundation since we knew all about this web things. Nevertheless, design world is set to fast pace where in conventional vertical web designs evolved and put in to 90 degree turn.  Horizontal scrolling website was born and most of them are made by creative individuals which serve as their portfolio.

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