Promote Your Organization with Custom Flags

Nothing catches the eye quite like a well-designed and high-flying flag. However, what do you do with the flag once you have it is another question entirely. Read on to learn some ways to promote your organization with a customized flag.

Place a Flag Outside of Your Business

Have any of your customers ever mentioned that your business is difficult to locate? Are you located in a remote area, or an area that is so busy you are lost in the clutter? If so, then you may be able to help customers find your business with a customized flag advertising your business name. Place this outside your business to stand out and stake your claim on your local market space.

Plant Your Flag!

Catch Customers’ Eyes at Tradeshows and Conventions

The tradeshow and convention circuit can be a great way to network with other businesses, as well as reach out directly to your market. When you are at a tradeshow or convention, it is important that your booth sticks out from the crowd. Since floor space is limited, taking advantage of some high-flying marketing can be a good way to set yourself apart. They tend to be easy to set up and tear down, making them ideal for transient displays, and can be an excellent soft-sell piece to garner interest in an upcoming rollout.

Advertise Your Business Anywhere

Is there advertising space in your local mall? If so, consider displaying a flag to catch the eye of potential customer. Oftentimes, you can rent out advertising space in the mall, a local restaurant, or anywhere else that might be beneficial to display your flag. You can also advertise special sales and promotions, to get your customer’s attention.

Flag Shapes Available

Horizontal Flags – This traditional flag design is great for flying outside of your business location. It comes in a number of sizes, depending on the anticipated viewing distance.

Feather Flags – One of the advantages of feather flags is that they tend to stay open when the wind blows. This means that you can advertise your business regardless in nearly any weather.

Feather Dancer Flags – Like feather flags, these are designed to stay open with the wind. However, they are designed to be even more eye-catching, many coming with metallic streamers and the like.

Kahuna Flags – Kahuna flags are best for larger messages. These are the sorts of flags you might often see outside a retail establishment or in the property market.

Ideas for Customization

You flag needs not just to catch the eye; it needs to convey a solid theme that matches your company persona. Make smart use of color and contrast to ensure as much legibility as possible, but remember that this is an extension of your business branding as well.

Use flags to help customers and clients locate important parts of your business. Flags are not just for outdoor use. If you have an office where clients may need to contact with you, or a room where you hold board meetings, then it can be helpful to put a small flag outside of the door.

What do all of these strategies have in common? A high-quality custom flag such as those offered by You can play around with designing signs and logos for your business using their online design tool, and when you’re ready to stake your claim in the marketplace, they can have your flags printed and shipped directly.

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