Random Digital Arts Inspiration #5: Worming Portrait

Before the 2012 ends, i have started a series of digital art inspiration, a random inspiration where in I am collecting whatever digital art that are pleasing and hoping that will bring encouragement and inspirations to all readers.

If you missed the previous episode, you can check out Random Digital Arts Inspiration #4

We are enticed by elegant portrait photos and stunning illustration, these two are leading in my own personal aspect source of graphic inspiration.

Ideas that are being poured when working on portraiture photography requires beyond creativity to achieve what we really anticipate as output, and then comes the imaginative mind of an artist where illustration are added to portrait photos. The final product is extraordinary that even the title that is being labeled to the project is unimaginable.

Worming Portraits by Markus Müller is born – creative mind with fresh ideas, motivation to implement and the most important ingredient: passion for what he is doing.

Although the title doesn’t suggest an interesting artwork, when you start browsing the collection, you will surely find yourself being attracted.

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