13 Rigorous Illustration of Florian Nicolle

One of my frustrations in life is the ability to draw and produce creative shapes using lines and pencil. Such ability are given to few, they are out there who constantly craft and lay their creative ideas through arts and present astonishing drawings or paintings – an illustration.

Even if I am not blessed with the talent to create stunning illustration, I always find myself browsing to great examples of artist works and amuse my eyes.

Florian Nicolle aka Neo is my latest stumbled artist, a French 25 years old graphic designer and illustrator freelancer. He  have a degree in Graphic Design, there was a section devoted to the illustration that he have worked a lot, which finally took a big place in his work.

A showcased of his artworks in this next post will surely bring inspirations to everyone.


Did you enjoy the work of art? Share your thoughts below.

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