Samsung Galaxy S4 Website Design Concept

When you are tasks to design a website that will feature one of the world’s most innovative products to hit the market, it will be a great honor as a web designer but I am pretty sure that there is only a huge chance that you are into a lot of pressure.

I recently stumbled this project from Behance, the project is, Samsung Galaxy S4 Website Design and believe me, it works, and really is, it immediately captured my attention – that is one of the characteristics of good web design.

When a design is use as a concept for a certain product, things to consider is to make sure that it will outrun the current design whenever is existing.

See it for yourself and tell me in the comment box what is your take with the design.





 Concept design by Weeds Brand

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  • Weeds Brand

    @ Marlon Cureg: Why not let the name of the author Weeds Brand?

    • @weedsbrand:disqus – you mean the author of the post?

      • Weeds Brand

        Ok. it’s me

  • marvin

    i would say the design has that strong hook to attract consumers to use their samsung product