How Do I Sell Using a Webinar?

Your customers’ time is precious. Many will duck out of a webinar if they are annoyed in any way, so you need to keep everyone sweet.

But you can’t please all of the people, all of the time. So what do you do?

You please the people who conform to your target profile because those are the people who are most likely to buy.

Possible Annoying Factors

  1. Poor quality audio or grainy camera shots are annoying.

    You need to invest $200 in a webcam, lighting, and microphone.

    Any USB webcam will give you better results than the one that is built into your monitor or laptop. An Amazon search will give you many to choose from in the $25-50 price range. You don’t need to pay any more.

    Look at the Samson Meteor Studio Microphone $70. This microphone will give you a good signal to noise ratio and will help you to be heard clearly.

    Your face needs to be well-lit, and your skin and hair colors need to look natural. A portable lightbox will solve your lighting need. Amazon sells the Neewer 700W 24in x 24in Softbox for $70.

  1. Your voice and manner on camera will always annoy some webinar attendees.

    Many webinar presenters have a loud and aggressive manner. Don’t assume that this will work for you, though. If your target users are introverted or quiet people from many different countries, they will not react well to someone whose manner they find culturally unacceptable.

    Each user’s time is precious and you cannot multi-task during a webinar, so attending means that each person is investing 60 minutes of their irreplaceable time. Many will click away within seconds if they sense that you are not someone they can relate to. Yes, you need to have a confident manner, but you don’t have to be loud. The Dalai Lama is a quiet-spoken man, but almost everyone respects him and listens when he speaks.

  1. Webinar software that has limited features will cause attendees to leave.

    You need to invest in professional-level webinar software. ClickMeeting is a good option.

Screenshot – source

ClickMeeting has all the features you will need and a reasonable price.

Preparing the Ground

A sale requires you to start by listening to the prospect’s needs. That isn’t possible on most webinars. You need to have established communication and trust with the prospect before the webinar is even scheduled. This communication is the only way you will know what the prospect needs and be able to demonstrate how your service can help.

You might establish communication using an email management system, by Skype chats or Google Hangouts. You need to build trust with your potential client so that he or she feels able to open up to you about the problems they have that you might be able to solve. The communication must be 2-way, rather than just you broadcasting to your audience.

Your Target Profile

You cannot convert everyone into a buyer, so your pitch needs to be designed to appeal to the people who are most likely to reach for their wallets.

You must focus and narrow down your intended buyer profile. You can never be all things to all people. Prospects will only relate to you and feel a strong bond they think your service is specially designed for them. People buy from people, not from businesses, and they will only buy if they feel they know, like and trust you.

If people are convinced that your service is the one they need, then they will pay a premium to get it.

Talk to one individual from your target group and choose one problem. Expand that problem so you find the problems within the problem. Solve one of those sub-problems for your interviewee and ask for feedback.

That is the problem you will solve for your webinar attendees.

Your Pitch

Get your webinar attendees active, because someone who is actively involved is more likely to buy than one who is merely an observer. This activity/behavior link is the reason webinar presenters ask people to send a text message saying where they live. Other possibilities, but ones that are rarely used is to ask attendees to click a link to get a resource that is related to the webinar or to vote in a survey that will affect the direction the webinar takes.

Try to have a visually-interesting experiment as part of your pitch: Either have it live, or pre-record a video. Any observable real-world action will convince many more people to buy than will a graph, an infographic, or just plain words on slides.

Pulling it All Together

Prepare yourself, tailor your offer to your attendees’ needs and build your attendees’ trust in you long before you go live. It is this preparation that will decide the success or otherwise of your webinar.


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