Simple yet Important Tips for Keeping the Computers in your Business Secure

Regardless of the size of your business, ensuring that each computer that is used is secure and has a strong defense against potential hackers is really important to prevent security breaches on your software or data.

Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics or employing security strategies and measures that are surprisingly simple. We’ve listed some straightforward tips for keeping the computers in your business secure.

Choose strong passwords

One of the most simplest tips around, yet some people still have obvious or standard passwords to access their most private things on their computer and online. Encourage your employees to update their passwords to stronger versions, and request they change them every 30 days. It may seem excessive but it’s really important.


Ensure the antivirus software is up to date

It’s vital that you have antivirus software on any computer, but there’s virtually no point in having some if you don’t regularly update them. Don’t ignore the messages you’ll get requesting you update the software, and make sure your employees don’t either.

Control the access to the machines

The physical access to your machine is just as important as its technical security, and you’ll need to take measures to ensure you have both angles covered. Never leave computers unattended in public areas, and encourage your employees to lock their screens if they’re leaving their desk.

Use secure internet connections

When connected to the Internet, your data can be vulnerable while in transit. Therefore it’s so important that you have a secure internet network in your business, as you could be putting sensitive data into the wrong hands through insecure connections. There’s a useful article here regarding how to secure your wireless network which is a good read.

Backup your data

Backing up your machine regularly can protect you from the unexpected. Keep a few months’ worth of backups and make sure the files can be retrieved if needed. Look into devices that can hold your data too, such as USB sticks, and issue all of your employees one to put their most important files on in case of an emergency. Then, store these in a safe place.

Look into unified threat management solutions

Unified threat management solutions are a vital part of keeping your business’s data and network secure, and they provide a really simple, straightforward solution. Look into options from companies like Dell who are highly reputable and offer lots of different options depending on your needs.

Protect your sensitive data

It’s recommended that you evaluate what your most sensitive data is so that you can take action in regards to keeping it well protected and safe from hackers.

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