15 Slick Typography That Showcase Different Types of Businesses

We came across to one of the typography and illustration project of Jing Zhang who is from southern China, Jing is an illustrator based in East London, the epicentre of hipsters, eccentricity, and of course creativity. With her clients mostly from advertising industry, she has been working in the creative field for over 6 years, from automotive to airlines, magazines to corporations. The Sprint letters over Behance immediately caught our eyes and we have to scroll full down to view all the letterings.

She is a very frequent Behance and Pinterest user, has joined dribbble in recent month.

The project is Sprint’s business-to-business wholesale group has always had several vastly different product offerings for it’s clients. The task is to create a consistent look, feel, and imagery that sells Sprint Panorama as one entity, capable of many different things, appealing to many different types of business. The visuals should feel slick, smart, tech-savvy, innovative and refined.

And here is the full list of those well defined typography. You can also check out our previous feature of 36 Days of Type by Shiffa -design of  26 letters and 10 numbers.

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