Slotomania Free Video Slots Game Review

With the emergence of the smartphones, there are apps for all reasons coming into the market. Of all, the apps for gaming are available in limitless options. Moreover, not all of them are interesting and keep you glued to them for long because they are droning. As the phones get better and the users crave for more it is quite natural that game developers across the world are striving to come up with gaming options that suit the game players of the modern day world. With many slots app, the Slotomania free video slots app has a high demand, for there are many lovers of the slot games, who cannot make it to the Las Vegas. Slotomania is the best option for any platform you use, be it Android or the iOS. For those who love the Facebook platform to play the games, Slotomania never let you down.


Is there something Special about Slotomania?

Gaming in the real world involves money and here too. The major difference is that you cannot carry home real money. You pay to get the virtual coins, and again this is optional. You keep playing to move up the levels. There are 55 games and 8 different themes make this package a great one to spend time with. The graphics is of high definition and astounding and the sound is remarkable. The best thing about Slotomania is that you actually get to see the Las Vegas experience. You can enjoy winning the levels, unlocking games, free gifts, twists, and presents. Also, there are periodical bonuses and mega bonuses that add to the fun. If you are too tired of playing the slot games in the gaming clubs then, you can find this the best alternative. You have enough choice of games, and this is something you never find other games that you can play on the mobile phones or online, and this is why they tend to be boring.

Pros of Slotomania

You can control over the coins used per spin and the rows that are to be matched. While playing Slotomania on Facebook, you can see that you can add companions as you like. Ask your friends to join, invite them so that you can ask for help when you run out of your points in the account. Else, wait until the next day to start playing. When you keep playing, you can see that the game options are a lot more. With millions of players and fans, this game lets everyone enjoy the experience of Las Vegas for nothing. There are a few unique features that surely allure everyone to try this game.

What’s New?

You can find new and unique games added to the package often. The All-star Christmas is a new arrival. When you win more, you can definitely try all of them. The slot machines available are of great variety. You can also see that the game is too promotional, which means you can get to see more bonuses and gifts coming to you.

Bottom Line

You can also play this game, anywhere and anytime. All you need is your mobile phone or tablet.  This gripping games will keeping adding unique features, and keep you glued to it.


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