Social Media Application Testing Facts To Be Aware Of

There are many things that are not properly understood about social media app testing. There are some that think there is some sort of industry testing standard that is always respected. However, this is not actually the case. In most cases the app automatically brings in different testing needs based on so many factors that have to be taken into account.

As a very simple example, let us think about Facebook games. They obviously need to be tested in a different way when compared with an app that is meant to gather emails so that a marketer has what it needs for social media marketing purposes. The games need to drive clicks for ads or bring in-game purchases.


Testers Always Analyze Security

Although there are not many standards that are usually put in place, one thing is always common, no matter what test is done according to It is important that the testing team analyzes the experience that the user has and there is a necessity to analyze the security offered. To put it as simple as possible, absolutely all apps have to be safe for the user and not crash while being used. These two are elements that are of an upmost importance at all times.

Testers Focus On App Goal

Whenever creating a testing plan, the app is first analyzed. That is because every single social media application is designed in order to make it easier to reach a specific gal like a participation or advertising campaign. The goals are the ones that are always analyzed. This is quite obvious. If you have a game that will crash the entire computer, it is obvious that the entire free games concept is seen as not being safe by the gamer. If the goal is not met, the application is not successful so the tester has to offer the help needed to identify problems that may exist.

Specific Features Are Tested

All social media apps have some features, no matter what network or site they are created for. The features have to be exercised as much as possible. The campaign will always be built around the straightforward process that the user goes through so that negative experiences can be eliminated. The reputation of the company is protected by making sure that every single feature works perfectly.

Designers Are Taken Into Account

There is this general belief that designers and testers are in a constant war. This is not actually the case. In reality, the two always cooperate. Designers need to highlight different facts so that the testers can do a proper work. Every single social media app needs to be as close to faultless as possible so that the benefits can be gained from using it.

We have to understand that social media apps always need to be tested before launch. This simply needs to be included in the development budget. You may believe that the developers will do a perfect job but even if all is perfect, the testers might still uncover some bugs that can hurt you on the long run.

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