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Creating a Photoblog that Impresses and Inspires

The remarkably slick and awe-inducing photoblogs have risen to fame, and quite penetratingly so. Whether it’s someone travelling through some fascinating lanes on their way to office, or someone with an itchy feet going outdoors much too often, capturing the journeys is always at the top of our minds. Apparently, you don’t need a DSLR camera to capture the stunning moments. The overtly frenzied digital age has handed some expensive phones to us that boast of high definition cameras – at least good enough to click photographs that can be uploaded on our personal blogs. The photoblogs are growing in …

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7 Hidden Secret Facts about Popular Blogs

Popular blogs are there for you to learn. You need to figure out their secrets so that you can also build your own popular blog that will make you stable income, preferably for a lifetime. Can you copy their success? Can you figure out how to make similar blog? Here are 7 hidden secret facts about popular blogs: They have their own product brand You might not aware about this fact. But, most popular blogs are making money through their own product. You might see some ads there, but they are just supplemental income. They do business with people through …

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Methods for Pushing Past a Lapse in Productivity

We’ve all been there. You’re writing along swimmingly and then, without warning, all words run away from you. Nothing. Nada. You couldn’t write a coherent thought if your life depended on it. For freelancers and bloggers, our productivity lapses generally mean the dreaded writer’s block has set itself squarely in our path. And this can happen whether we are copywriting for catalog printing or blogging, or this productivity lapse can also extend to when we run into new problems that are outside of our comfort zone. If you find yourself staring through the screen, wondering what to do next, this …

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