The Golden Project by Antoni Tudisco

Everyday I got to see amazing work in progress of designer’s who devote their time in crafting their specialties. And there is this one designer that I followed and watch on how he unfolds extraordinary creation.

Antoni Tudisco is 21 years of age and was born and raised in Germany by his Filipina mother and his Italian father. He is a fan of extraordinary things ever since he was a child. He had his own world as a kid. Started to sketch during lessons when he was attending the elementary.

Some clients and people believe graphic design is just “slapping text and images together” in order make any print material or online graphics, like a flyer, banner, or even websites. People think it’s just sitting in front of a screen, opening Adobe Photoshop and dragging an image, putting some text on, and magic happens and the work is done. Some also believe that graphic design is not a real job!

As a designer I can say that it’s not just sitting in from of a screen, but blend of research, hard work and creativity, with lots of time spent. – Antoni Tudisco

Today, I am going to showcase to you one of his latest extraordinary project – The Golden Project.

Are you an artist with extraordinary work of art to show, contact me and I will be happy feature you in my next source of inspiration.

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  • Kemal Kaya

    Excellent creative project.