The top 5 photos to get of your wedding

After the tedious process, you’ve finally hired the perfect wedding photographer for your big day. Before the big day comes, you need to think about the shots that you want your photographer to take. Remember that it will be those wedding pictures that you will look at for years and even decades after the wedding, so think long and hard about the kind of pictures you want to see.

If you’re still contemplating and making up your list, make sure you don’t forget to add the following to the photos you want your Raleigh Wedding Photographer to take.

  1. The bride in her wedding gown – the wedding gown might just be the most beautiful gown that a bride will wear, so it is understandable that there should be amazing shots of it. Have you decided on the style of photography you would like? You can choose wedding photojournalism, or fine art or even fashion wedding photography to bring out the intricate details of the wedding gown. This way, even when you have to put away the gown after the wedding celebrations, the bride can reminisce the feeling of wearing the gown by looking at the pictures.
  2. The first look – there are two ways to go about this. Some couples still do the traditional thing, where the groom sees the bride in her wedding attire for the first time during the ceremony. Make sure to tell the photographer to catch the groom’s reaction to seeing the bride and vice versa. For some couples, on the other hand, they opt to have a first look, where they see each other privately without all the family and guests. These can be a great memory to capture and something that you and your partner will truly appreciate in the years to come.
  3. The personalized details – for those who have been married, one thing they will tell you is that the wedding day itself can go by really fast. So fast that the couple might not remember every single detail about the wedding, especially when they are so focused on each other. So make sure to ask your photographer to kindly take pictures of the wedding details, such as the flowers, centerpieces, the cake, and the like. This would be more special if the bride and the groom actually contributed and made some DIY projects for the wedding.
  4. The family and the wedding entourage – a wedding celebration is not complete without the people to celebrate with. Even though the couple is the focus of the day, there’s no denying the importance of the people in the wedding party, especially the family and friends. You want to have pictures with the immediate family and of course the wedding entourage in all your wedding attire.
  5. Candid shots – gone are the days when wedding pictures all about all attendees doing traditional poses. Those are great, but you also want the candid happenings captured, as they make for great memories. Your grandmother dancing with the groom or the children taking running their fingers through the wedding cake can make for great anecdotes in the future.

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