5 Common Premium WordPress Themes Misconceptions and Myths

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There are many misconceptions going around about premium WordPress themes that may confuse you when you are looking out for such themes in creating your website. People often don’t know what to do when they hear about this myth which often causes trouble for them in making a website. The popularity of WordPress is growing rapidly, and with this, the theme industry is a profitable business that attracts many of the vendors. So to simplify your theme selection process, there are certain misconceptions and myths that you should not pay attention to and avoid.

  1. Premium Themes Are Very Expensive

One of the most common complaints about premium WordPress themes is about the cost. If you want a unique layout and customized design for your website, then it is very obvious that you will have to spend more money as compared to the other WordPress themes. Besides, these Premium themes provide other facilities also like customer support and step by step documentation and free updates that are worth the little extra money that you pay for it.

  1. All Themes Are The Same

You may find many features to be similar in a variety of WordPress themes. But, if you look at them closely then you will realize that each theme developer has a different set of approach that stands out and makes the theme different and unique. Everyone in the world has a different mindset and way of thinking and imagining things. So, with the help of your own customized and designed theme, you can create a refreshing website.

  1. Updates Will Have All The Things You Desire

Another common myth is that you will expect the new update to consist of all of your needs that you desire. But this might not just be the case for you. Many people write a long list of suggestions in the review section of the developer’s site. But they tend to forget that the developer had his own set of style and idea while creating the theme. Thus, you should be smart and should not waste time and rather try out other features, and alternatives that the update or the theme already has.

  1. No Need To Worry About SEO

Professional themes do not consist of a professional tool that will give you the guarantee of full search engine optimization (SEO). Many developers are trying to increase the search engine traffic with various ways and ideas. Always ensure that you know the loading speed of the theme as this will affect the SEO a lot. Treat SEO as a separate issue and don’t just neglect and remain ignorant about SEO. Also, don’t just wait for the free update, but make sure that you look into the organic traffic coming in and take the necessary steps.

  1. Not Secure

Most of the people make a mistake of downloading free themes from third-party sites that tend to pose security flaws and may consist of other links to scam sites. But, a premium theme will provide you with the guarantee that what you are paying for is safe for installation and use. WordPress has been growing rapidly and is becoming better and much more secure every day. So, as a precaution measure, make sure that you download a genuine premium WordPress theme and not a free one from an outdated or third-party source.

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