Three Ways to Be a Top Notch Online Shopper

Not so long ago, say 1989 or 90′, Internet shopping was the wave of the future. Purchasing something with the click of a mouse was the next big thing, a retail phenomena that existed somewhere between Disney’s Tomorrowland and Huxley’s Brave New World. Today, online purchasing is so commonplace that we forget there was actually a time when we couldn’t buy products on Amazon or eBay. However, shopping online is one thing, but becoming a top notch, money-saving, deal-busting online shopper is something else entirely. From finding discount websites to using digital coupons, there are all sorts of tricks of the trade when it comes to Internet shopping.


Knowing Where to Look for Internet Deals

The Internet is big. Actually, that’s an understatement; it’s cosmically vast. When you shop at brick-and mortar stores, all you need to do is go to the mall and the deals and discounts will be there. When you shop online, however, there’s simply too much digital terrain to cover. Aimlessly clicking a mouse will get you nowhere. You need to know where to find the deals. is one of many comprehensive deal-finding sites on the web. Whether you’re shopping for clothes, appliances, toys or tech gear, the site’s blog-like format has a steady stream of items for thrift-conscious shoppers. isn’t the only game in town. Other deal-finding web sites include DealsPlus, Dealnews, and FatWallet. Do you want to do some comparison shopping? Check out Price Grabber. Successful Internet shopping is all about knowing where to look for deals.

Staying Safe Online

Identity theft is a growing concern. The most important thing to remember about shopping online is to safeguard your personal information. So how do you go about this?

Never shop publicly. Computers at libraries and cyber cafes may be compromised with malware or spyware. Hackers have become savvy at stealing people’s credit card numbers and passwords. Also, be sure to verify a website’s security by checking to see if it has a small lock icon.

Use a credit card instead of a debit card. Credit cards have a level of identity theft protection. In most cases you will not be liable for any fraudulent charges. On the other hand, if a thief gets his hands on a debit card, he can wipe out your entire bank account.

You can shop online without a care or worry with LifeLock’s five-step identity theft protection program. LifeLock will not only protect you from credit card fraud and identity theft, but it will also alert you whenever your personal information is being used for fraudulent means. To keep up with the latest deals as well as get free safety tips from LifeLock, follow their twitter page.

Coupon Clicking (Not Clipping)

Digital coupons are a great way to make your dollar stretch online. According to Experian Simmons, roughly 22% of all U.S. adults say their household uses digital coupons obtained from email or the Internet. While digital coupons are not yet as popular as those coupons found in the Sunday paper, they are on the rise with technology savvy consumers. Popular online coupons sites include Red Plum Online, Smart Source Online, Cool Savings, and According to eMarketer, U.S. digital coupon users will surpass 100 million in 2014.

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