Web Design Tips for a more Successful Website

Do you want a website that makes users leave immediately after arriving? Of course you don’t. The longer someone stays on your website, the more likely they are to make a purchase. The web design has a great deal of influence on this.

Successful web design requires a balance of efficiency and impact. Efficiency is for the users to know how to use your site and navigate around easily. It is important to adhere to the needs of the users when it comes to efficiency. A complicated navigation system will put people off having a look around your site.

The impact is about making your site unique and distinctive. You want your website to have a clean feel to it. It should contain all forms of media such as videos and images. Imagery connects to the emotional part of the brain and impacts on people, creating a connection.  The video is entertainment and brings an interactive feel to your site; background videos are a stylish and artistic way to entice visitors to your site.

Getting the balance can be difficult, but it can be the difference between high conversions or low sales and low bounce or high abandonment, so it is very important. Here are some tips to better web design to help your website achieve better success.

  1. Use visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is the arrangement and presentation of web design. When we look at a web page we see things in a certain pattern, this pattern should be considered when you design a website.

If you have a button that you want as many people as possible to click, you should place it in a space that visual hierarchy tells us gets the most views. We read top to bottom, left to right, meaning the first place seen on the website page by the most people is top left. This place should be reserved for the most important content.

  1. Keep it tidy

The web has the potential to look quite cluttered. Banners, sign ups, pop ups and adverts can all cause chaos on a web page. A way to make your website distinctive is to give your viewers a break from all the clutter and create a clean design with plenty of white space.

Less is so much more with website design. Lots of clean white open spaces will emphasis the importance of the few elements that you do put on your webpage. This will ensure you deliver an enjoyable experience through the use of your website.

  1. Intuitive navigation

Intuitive navigation means that your website flows from web page to web page. If your visitors can move successfully from the homepage onto other pages, they can learn more about whom you are and what you do, without difficulty. This reflects well on your business and avoids guests leaving the site due to frustration.

You need your navigation to be simple, consistent efficient. Simple structure to the layout means that less important links to information not as significant can be placed in the footer. This avoids them from distracting the visitor away from the call of actions or primary information. You could also incorporate secondary navigation options under the primary navigation menu.


These tips will help you to design a website that is the ultimate experience for any visitor. Using WordPress is a great way to help to gain web development. It’s a free way to create bespoke web design and highly functional sites. WordPress web development includes a full content management system making the design process simpler.

If you are still unsure if you can create the perfect website, there are agencies that specialise in digital marketing that can come up with creative and individual designs for your website to help improve the user experience. Whether you’re totally going it alone, using WordPress to assist you, or utilising a creative digital marketing agency, always follow the golden rules mentioned above and you cannot go wrong.

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