Top 10 Newest WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster

What is good? I think it’s not a secret that people are trying to launch their own businesses and startups nowadays. This tendency is progressive, thus, day by day people are getting involved in a world of biz. Moreover, these days every entrepreneur must have a website to represent his/her services or products to the whole world. Believe me or not, but the site is a prime key to make yourself successful and well-known. Thus, let’s explore, how these top 10 newest WordPress themes will help you to build a five-star website and rock the world.

21st century is an era of freelancers and startups. Therefore, people are trying to get independence and to develop their skills to make real money. Same things happen to biz. Individuals are tired of stuffy offices and rude bosses that “always know better” what to do and how to do this or that. Furthermore, working for somebody, you make his/her pockets fatter but not yours.

As we can see, there is no wonder people are making their own startups and proceed to the world of entrepreneurs. However, once your business is live, you have to promote it, in other words, to make it visible and desired.

Modern web space is full of solutions to represent your skills, services, and products. You can push your facilities using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms but that won’t give you the whole power. Social profiles allow you to get just a small boost, nothing more than that… To move on to a professional level, where the real money is, you’d better have a personal website that will help you to show your services in the best light.

Today’s marketplace is full of solutions for those, who’d like to launch a site. You can ask a web developer/studio to build an up-to-dated website from scratch. Sure thing, developers will provide you with high-quality services but the pricing is pretty overblown. Moreover, you won’t be happy about the deadlines as well. However, if you are not in a rush and looking for a professional, we would like to recommend you a list of certified web developers. This Web Studios Catalog is a perfect place to find a five-star web developer or a web studio. Moreover, here you can search for a developer by the location, thus, you can discuss your project in person.

There is also another way to build a site using ready-made website templates. This case is way cheaper without losing a quality. Moreover, modern market is full of CMS platforms that will meet everybody’s expectations, however, we’d like to recommend you WordPress. To say more, various premium WordPress Themes boast an easy-to-use documentation, Live customizer, and a Power Page builder, which allows you to edit your website’s pages with no need to touch a codeline. Furthermore, every fresh theme has a SEO-friendly nature that will help you to get the highest rankings in all search results. These, and more other features are at your disposal to build a website of your dreams.

Talking about pre-made solutions, we would like to emphasize TemplateMonster with its wide range of high-quality website templates. These guys were the first who’ve launched an idea of ready-made templates, and still set the highest rankings. Moreover, they provide customers with a 24/7 customer support that is always here to help you.

Now, it’s a right time to check these top 10 newest WordPress themes that will help you to increase the ability of your business.

Ascendio – Corporate & Business GPL WordPress Theme

man WP Template

Details | Demo

Tm Francy Responsive WooCommerce Theme

upply Store WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

WhiteLight -Professional Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

pher Portfolio WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Monreal – Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Monreal - Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

MaxPaxton – Freelance Copywriter and Journalist GPL WordPress Theme

 Profile Page WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

RoofOnFire – Roofing Company WordPress Theme

Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

MagicTouch – Web Design Studio WordPress Theme

gn Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Digezine – News Magazine GPL WordPress Theme

 - News Magazine

Details | Demo

Codathon – Hackathon for Coders Landing GPL WordPress Theme

ordinator WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Guapa – A Minimalist Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Blog Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

How did you like these top 10 newest WordPress themes? Have you chosen a favourite one? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

One more thing, don’t wait for the right moment, because we create our own future. You work hard, play even harder. Good luck to you!

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