Top Advertising Options for Webmasters

If you are running a website then you need to get people to come and visit. Without getting people to visit your site you won’t be able to show them your partners’ ads, and you won’t be able to tempt them to buy your products. Ultimately a website is a business model that really relies on an audience to make a profit.

As such then it is crucial that you continue to find ways to make your website stand out and get noticed if you want to stand a chance of being a success. Here are some ways you can achieve that using various advertising options to promote your site.

PPC Networks

PPC networks are ‘pay per click’ ad networks where essentially the fundamental idea is that you only pay out if someone clicks on your advert. In other words, if your ad isn’t a success and no one clicks on it, then you won’t pay anything and nothing will be lost. This form of advertising also gives you a tight control over your ad allowing you to make changes while it is live, and to see precise statistics about its performance. Used effectively this is a highly powerful tool.

Website/Blog Advertising

You can also advertise your site on other websites and her you will likely pay a more standard monthly or even yearly rate. The best way to accomplish this is to look around at the sites on the net in your niche and then to try contacting the website owner. This way you can then get your site onto a website that will have maximum relevancy to your own. Just make sure that you are ready to negotiate because you can otherwise end up paying over the odds.

Free Ads

Advertising your website on free ad websites might not be the very most effective way to bring the maximum number of people to your site, and it might not have the best CTR in the world. But guess what? It’s free! And so for that reason it would be a big mistake to ignore this one.

‘Real World’ Advertising

Often the fact that websites exist primarily online can cloud the judgement of webmasters and marketers who think that every aspect of the business must be online too. This is of course not the case, and actually there are plenty of ways you can advertise your site by doing things in the real world, from getting your adverts into magazines, to getting on the radio to putting up posters or even getting on TV. As long as your monetization is effective enough that you can earn a lot for each visitor then this can be an effective way to generate a profit. While there are many advantages to advertising online, sometimes advertising in a newspaper or magazine can make your business or website seem more real too and it can get people to stand up and take notice of your site more and think of it as a major player and one to be taken seriously rather than something that just exists online and anyone could have made. Take yourself seriously with serious advertising and other people might start to as well.

Vadim Kirichenko is a webmaster and online marketer and works with Vadim enjoys writing articles on topics surrounding website promotion.

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