Top Ten Signs That Your Website Is Poorly Designed

Designing a good website is no walk in the park. Indeed many businesses find the task of designing quality websites for their business to be quite daunting. This is due to the fact that most of these businesses lack the experience and the technical know-how needed to come up with a quality website. Any business that chooses to overlook the benefits of a well-designed web page is basically setting its self-up for failure. The following are the top 10 signs your page looks like a newbie designed it;

  • Hard to access content: No visitor to a site will want to visit a site that is very difficult to access some of the content. Indeed any site that a visitor has to click more than 3 times before accessing information is considered an amateur site. People need sites that are easy to navigate around.
  • Poor spelling and grammar: There is nothing that suggests that your site has been developed by a newbie more than content that has been written using poor grammar. Remember your business is communicating with a mature audience who know what good English is therefore grammar and spelling mistakes simply denotes a lack of interest on your part.
  • Poor use of frames: The use of frames has lost popularity with the advancement of web design therefore businesses should find a way of getting rid of it. Frames pose a lot of challenges in web design as they are known to make web pages difficult to book mark and also make refreshing web pages a bit difficult.
  • Use of loud colors: Developers should avoid using colors that simply scare away visitors to your site or gives them the notion that you are not serious with what you are doing. It is a good idea to use colors that are tailor made to your target audience. Avoid using loud colors such as neon green in your sites.
  • Sites that run only in Microsoft explorer: Nothing speaks louder than a site that runs well only in Microsoft explorer. It has the word newbie written all over it. Developers should try running your site using other browsers to ensure that it runs smoothly.
  • Lots of animations: This is a major mistake many web developers make. Animations are good if they are not over used on your sites. A lot of them slow down your site as they not only take a lot of time to load but also destruct the visitor from the site.
  • Use of under construction signs: There is nothing that turns off visitors more than the use of under construction signs. It is important for businesses to put up sites only when they have content in order to avoid this unprofessional sign. It is much better to explain to visitors when you expect to be back instead of using the under construction signs.
  • Scrolling text: Its use is quite appalling therefore developers should minimize its use as much as possible.
  • Use of graphical counters on your site: This is also another thing that turns off visitors from your site. The large graphical counter on your site steals attention from areas of your site that are helpful to the visitor.
  • Music in your site: We all have visited sites that play loud music immediately you enter the site. Turning off such music is often difficult since one is not aware of where the music is coming from. This is a great indicator of a newbie site

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