Top Tips for Picking a Domain Name

So you’re working on creating your very own online business and you’re well on your way to getting everything you need. But you’re stuck on figuring out one of those little finicky bits in the form of your online business’s domain name. However, no matter how tempting it may be to just pick something that’s available, choosing a domain name is not something to be taken lightly. It’s as important as your business’s name and it can be as critical a factor in your business’s success as offering amazing discounts and phenomenal service. While there are plenty of domain suggestions tools out there you can play around with, like those offered by Shopify, there are still some critical pointers you need to keep in mind.


Company Names, Your Domain, and What’s Available

As you may have already figured out, one of the best routes you can take in picking a good domain name is to use your business’ current name. But if you haven’t figured out a name for your company yet, you’re still back at square one. So, when you begin trying to think of a name for your business that will also work as a domain name, Business 2 Community highly suggests doing some research in the industry you’re about to enter; find as many domain names that are currently available and see if any of those are interesting to you. Regardless of what you find, you need to keep in mind the fact that your business name and domain name should have a connection no matter what; consumers will be confused if they need to visit “” to contact your accounting business.

Make it Easy to Type

This suggestion, as given by GoDaddy, may seem a little odd at first, but if you stop and think about it, you’ll see why it makes sense. Chances are that your average online visitor isn’t going to be an Internet genius; they’ll likely just be an average person looking for whatever you’re offering. If your domain is way too long or complicated, it’s an obstacle that drives people away at worst because they can’t type it in correctly or can’t find your site and an annoyance to others at best. Follow KISS: Keep It Simple, Seriously.

How Does it Look and Sound?

Humans have a tendency to try and find patterns and connections wherever possible. This is no different in language and nomenclature. As such, you want to make sure your domain and business name has a definite ring to it. The more pleasant to the eye and ear a name is, the easier it is for a consumer to remember. Small Business BC suggests using alliteration (repetition of syllables in a series of words) if at all possible; just look at companies like Coca-Cola, Gorilla Glue, and PayPal.

Buying the Perfect Name

Here’s an idea you probably never thought of. See if you can go and buy the perfect domain name. The reason behind this suggestion, as stated by Business News Daily, is that, chances are, the best and most perfect domain names if your fields are probably already taken. Even if it’s just a placeholder someone made to avoid the name being taken. So if you have the money, you have the option of directly going to the registrant of the particular domain name you wish to get and talking to them in the hopes of getting them to sell you their domain name. Alternatively, there are people out there known as domain name brokers that work on transactions exactly like that.

Don’t Focus on the Keywords

If you’ve ever spent any time researching online businesses and how to be successful in creating one (which you should do at least to some extent), then you’ve probably seen a lot of emphasis put on maximizing your keyword usage to maximize traffic. However, as in all things, too much of a good thing can backfire. Basing your domain name solely around keywords can be a bad idea. The Huffington Post states that, while main keywords are a factor in getting your site ranked high, they are not the single defining factor in doing so. Instead, focus on making a good domain name that fits your brand and business, and then once you’ve found one you can look into the keywords.

You Can be Your Brand

Doing this is very dependent on your own desires and what your plans for setting your business are. But as recommended by Entrepreneur, your own name can be a great way to start creating your very own brand. Even if you’re not ready to dive into anything yet, it doesn’t hurt to have the domain ready to go for when you do.

Uniqueness Trumps All

Finally, make sure it’s unique. Not much can hurt your online business’s prospects than having a bland, unoriginal name and domain that in unmemorable. Do everything you can to keep it fresh, original, and unique. Moz suggests avoiding any current trends as well; just because everyone else is trying something doesn’t mean it actually works.

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