Web Design Tips That Work!

In this article I will be providing some helpful tips and tricks to really help you get the most out of the websites you design. The end result should be professional and stylish. These short and easy to follow tips are applicable to both novices and professionals alike.

Tip #1: Keep It Simple.

Try to make the website colourful but at the same time, don’t over colour it. What I mean by this is to try and keep the background plain and simple if you were to go and look at some example sites such as YouTube, Wikipedia, Google and Facebook you should notice that they all have plain and simple backgrounds. The main reason for this is to not distract your visitors’ attention from your main content when they visit your site. This is very important as you want to keep people focused on your content or your main point of interest.

You really want to try to make it simple to use as possible. Greys and whites tend to work very well, but red, for example is too shocking a colour and draws attention away from the main focus. You will have to experiment with this to get it right and to fit your exact style, but plain or faded colours usually work best.

Tip#2: Define Your Content.

A good way of defining your content is to use a black or coloured border. Try to make it bold and eye-catching so it really stands out. This also helps to highlight to your users which parts of the site provides your main content.

With the above in mind, another really good tip I can give you is to make your content parallel or horizontal to one another, this gives a website sense of order and keep things looking clean and tidy.

Tip#3: keep the layout the same throughout.

If you’ve got loads and loads pages try and keep them all the same. If you look at YouTube for example you should notice that all the pages look more or less the same. You can by all means customise certain pages but try to keep the overall theme of the site the same. Otherwise the user could be tricked into believing that they have been led on to another site in which they didn’t actually want to be on.

If you have any interesting tips and tricks, why not share them with us below?

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