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2012 is the year of Mac software especially based on web designing. So today, we will have to review of the top three highly rated Mac software for web designing. If we go in descending order of software ranking on top of all, we have, Sandvox then we have the Rapid-Weaver, and on third number we have Freeway express.


Sandvox is an easy to use application which has made many people a web designer, on Mac. Karelia Company of software development has come up with the pro version, which surely has given more versatility to the users of this software. Out of all major achievement of Sandox is that, it gives the power of inserting and editing your own HTML. In an overall view this software has no major differences as compared to all top Mac web design software but it has stepped a level ahead of others by having better and updated, easy to use templates in large number.

Main Features

· Large range of professionally designed templates are available

· Sandvox has the intuitive usability

· It user’s friendly, majority love this software because it’s easy to use


It is easy to use software for web designers irrespective of their caliber regarding web designing and development. Rapid-Weaver makes it real easy for the beginners, since it makes you publish you, your web in no time with high standards that would make you proud of your effort and generation on the internet.

Main Features

Let’s focus on the main features of Rapid-Weaver

· No coded language is used for the development of the web. It is free of all complications that come up with the coded creations. This software come up with total eleven pages which are inbuilt, we may call them templates. These templates cover almost all the main requirements of the website ranging from the variety of formats including blog patterns to Sitemaps.

· It has a wide range of themes which give you more choice in selecting the designs

· Once you are done with your work, it’s time for the final execution, rapid-weaver fully support you. It completely supports FTP & SFTP formats for all uploading requirements.

Freeway Express

Mac web design software application, named, freeway-express, is created by the soft-press. This app is not the best friends of beginners but those who know the basics and have little know how are very happy with it since it gives most of the control on designs. Creative freedom is highly appreciated by those who understand its worth. This software was basically designed to counter typical desktop publishing applications. With the upgrade of this app from version 5 to 5.5 many things have shaped up.

Main Features – Version 5.5

· The most delicate change which matters a lot in ranking the Mac web designing software is the kind of templates, they are downsized but quantity is replaced by quality.

· Freeway express is not a template dependent tool though it supports designers in all possible ways. Template users can have a benefit of new better templates and those who want to develop their virgin designs can work from the scratch.

· It gives a very strong control on page layouts

Additional Resources

If you planned that you are going to come up with a website that will be use to sell and acts as a online store, the focus should be on a specialized Ecommerce Software where in you can have your project done in no time.

And to make things easier, give this one a shot




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