When Your WordPress Theme Doesn’t Matter

Some people choose a WordPress theme based on the niche it is designed for. This happens very often, and in fact – to many Photocrati customers.

Some WordPress themes are designed to look how a niche specific theme should… like a church or restaurant theme.

If you own a restaurant, do you choose a theme because it says it’s designed for your industry? Do you choose the theme because it contains a menu system?

This is a great debate, and one that has and will go on for a very long time.


The Photocrati theme falls into this same situation as it included gallery management, gallery displays and eCommerce right into the theme. However, the theme is not right for every photographer. There are also many themes out there that contain SEO functionality, but is it worth picking a WordPress theme because of that feature?

I do not think so.

Let’s Talk Galleries

I mentioned that the theme our company creates includes gallery management and styles. While that is true and perfect for photographers, not everyone needs that feature to be built into the theme. That is why we also have a plugin to add this functionality. Using NextGEN Gallery means you are not reliant on a specific theme, and that means you can change website designs anytime and not lose your galleries.

Let’s Talk Social Media

There are some themes out there that include social media follow and share buttons. Heck, even our theme includes follow buttons. These are also included to make things simpler for customers. However, not everyone wants to be limited to certain graphics or social networks. So by using plugins like Digg Digg, Floating Social Bar or Simple Social Icons you can have different sharing and follow options.

Let’s Talk SEO

Oh SEO, everyone’s favorite topic (just kidding). I would say 90% of themes coming out these days contain search engine optimization but 40% of them contain manual control over the optimization of posts and pages. While this is a nice feature it also limits a person to a theme. So why not break away from those chains by using a plugin like the SEO Data Transporter (if compatible) and then switch to All in One SEO or WordPress SEO by Yoast? Both are fantastic options and have unlimited potential for what you can optimize on your website.

Final Thoughts

My opinion is to choose a WordPress theme that suits your needs. If you prefer simplicity and features built-in then go for it. If you want a theme designed by a company who really understands for your industry, then go for it. But if you do not care about that stuff, then there is likely a WordPress plugin that can add the features you want and need.

So whether you are looking for a photography theme, a video theme or a spelunking theme, think about the features you want and need and search the plugin directory to see if it’s available.

You don’t have to be tied down to a theme when there are over 27,000 free plugins available.

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