Where to Look For Inspiration When Designing a Logo

There is nothing worse then being in a creative dilemma. You set out to create something amazing, something show-stopping and there you sit, in front of a blank piece of paper. Sometimes it is not that you need to go out of your way to look for inspiration to create a great logo but you need to allow a mix of ideas run free in your mind and hopefully soon they will combine and form your ultimate idea. So, if you are looking for a few ways to get the creative blood within you flowing and pumping again, follow these simple tips:

1. Look at design websites


Try not to head straight to the obvious ones but look for the more quirky ones that may not feature your every day logo designs such as Dribbble, Designhill and Deviant Art. If you have been in the profession for quite some time, you might find yourself going round in circles, looking at the same websites you have always looked at which may be why you are thinking of the same sort of ideas you have always thought of. To keep things fresh and versatile try exploring different sites you have not come across and you may be pleasantly surprised.

2. Check out your client’s logo history

If you look back at some of the client’s previous logos, you might be surprised at what you find. Since they were founded, the company may have desired to change their look and as a result rebranded. If you can scrape around for ideas that had been used in the past, reigniting a certain aspect of the logo may position the brand nicely as more traditional. On the other end of the scale you could abandon any trace of their old logos and think of something totally fresh and modern.

3. Understand where your client wants to be in ten years  

In the brief given to you, the information provided may entail some long term goals or where the company envision themselves in the near future. If not then feel free to bring this topic up when doing some research before you embark on your design project. Which direction would they like to go in? Are they aiming to be a brand leader in the next ten years? Do they want to expand their audience and target new people? Who knows! The only way is to ask and get familiar with your clients future plans so that you can possibly work this into a logo idea you have.


4. Mind Maps  

Creating mind maps and mood boards can be a great way to get your thoughts together and create a bigger picture of what you are trying to achieve. The fantastic thing with mind maps is that you can make them as colourful and as animated as possible, fill them with pictures and end up with an impressive map of your ideas when you are all done. Keeping your thoughts articulate whilst playing around with different phrases, keywords and shapes, mind maps can be just what your creative brain needs to think of a great idea.


5. Hunt through your history of work 

Looking deeper into your own personal archives can be a good way to get ideas for future projects. This may seem slightly contradictory, especially when you think if you want something new, surely going back in time to past ideas would not help at all. However you might find initial sketches that were not appropriate for other ideas but it may spark of something in your mind for the current project! You just never know. The fact of the matter is, the more random images and information you have gathered consciously works its way into your subconscious mind and eventually springs forth some original concepts that are a combination of different elements of information you have gathered over time.

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