The Whimsical Photography of Dean West

Surreal photography is all about how you portray the unimaginable, bizarre and unreal capture and apply a finishing touch of a designer. This kind of photography requires the vision and creativity of the photographer, deep imagination and dream-like way of thinking is a major key to a successful execution of surrealism.

Today, we are going to bring you one of the best photographer who exemplary showcase his talent. Dean West, being referred to as “one of the world’s best emerging photographers” (AFTER CAPTURE MAGAZINE)/, DEAN’s style of contemporary portraiture is highly conceptual and thoughts provoking imagery, a body of work which can be seen among the pages of your favorite magazine to the art gallery wall.

Enjoy below collections which you can turn these photograph to be use in rolled canvas prints.

You liked his creativity? You can visit his website and Behance page for more.



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