Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Detect Malicious Code in Your Site

Internet is an open source medium where millions of real time users are staring you. You never know at which instant of time you will be trapped with a malicious attack, which can harm your web presence to a wide extent. Thus, to remain aware of any such event and to know the tips that can save you in the future run, is an intelligent move. If you are using a WordPress website, it makes you lucky enough to deal these intruders.

As WordPress has gained utmost popularity, it is much susceptible to hackers as being their soft target. A prompt reason is the use of pirated themes which possess malicious code. If you will use them, you are in the danger of losing control on your website, or some of its data. This is the reason, why few of the firms hire a WordPress Developer for better results.

WordPress CMS comes with a wide range of plugins that can solve the above purpose to save your identity and preserve your data from unauthenticated sources.


Exploit Scanner

This plugin is designed to search for all kind of files, comments, posts, database and other sections as well, for any kind of suspicious code, if persists. They can’t do any kind of repairing for the infected stuff found in your website, but provides a detailed report to the administrator.


This is another important plugin which has the use to scan your theme files and database tables. It also enables an alert message whenever an unusual activity happens. You can also enable scheduled scans and these scan reports will be transferred to your email inbox.

Centrora Security

This is a powerful security plugin which has been modified by the OSE firewall. It comes with the important tools like AntiSpam. There is also a provision to send detailed report of the vulnerabilities which are found through the built-in malware identifier and security scanner.

Sucuri Security

It is a proficient malware scanning plugin which has the basic function to monitor files that have been uploaded to the WordPress website. Blacklist monitoring and security notifications are the subsequent benefits. It also offers firewall add-on to make your site more secure.


This WordPress plugin has the use in offering customized scan, quick & complete scan, along with the automatic removal of known threats. You will get a flawless website after all the malicious things have been detected for removal.

Acunetix WP Security

It is a comprehensive tool which is used to secure your database, along with keeping a protective layer on admins, file permissions and related elements.

iThemes Security

It is a very popular plugin, majorly meant for incognito hacking events. It handles activities like locking your site, interrupt any automated program, and secure user credentials. Automated scheduled scan is an added advantage with iThemes. There is a provision to keep backups of your WP database, so that you will get back all of your data in case of a theft.

Wordfence Security

An effective plugin which checks WordPress core, plugins and themes for any prior existence of bad quality code. It allows to block the suspicious networks using the firewall.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

It is of major use to prevent brute force attack. It largely deals with user names to change them accordingly, and also stops user enumeration. Here, users are restricted for force logout after a specific time.

Theme Authenticity Checker

TAC is a reliable name for listing the malicious files along with the snippet of code and also the theme files. It finds out the unwanted codes after doing a scan, thus prevent any risk.

Closing Words

To secure your WordPress website from the hackers is a crucial task, where plugins play a great role. Being an amateur, you can also hire a WordPress developer. Practically, it is next to impossible to run a successful WordPress site without adding the plugins. No matter which kind of functionality you opt for your business, plugins are the pillars to stand out your business. Moreover, when the work area is security, it is the top most priority to use the above plugins as per your business taste.

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