Would you trust your Wedding to a Smartphone

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Celebrating your once in a lifetime, if not, the most memorable event of your life needs professional people and equipment to capture the memories and every single emotions during that day. One of the thing that can be found in the wedding supplier list is a photographer, and it is the most or the second to the list which needed a huge budget. I was once into wedding photography industry, I spend two and half year with bride and groom as a subject that’s so lovely when they are in front of the lenses.


Wedding photographers in reality is somewhat pricey during this days, but of course the amount we spent to our nuptial is nothing compared with the lifetime memories that we have.

The question is, would you trust your wedding to a smartphone? A Nokia Lumia 1020 will replace those red ringed lens camera or yellow strapped DSLR’s. Will you consider a photographer using smartphone?

Recently, Nokia gave Lumia 1020 to internationally renowned wedding and lifestyle photographer Joy Marie to see if she could capture a wedding using a smartphone.

Check the video and share your thoughts in the comment box

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  • Great video! Personally, I wouldn’t trust any smartphone to take my wedding photos. A wedding day is huge, big event, and I wouldn’t want to risk missing a moment because the photo was blurred, the phone died, couldn’t zoom in good enough, etc. However, it’s definitely something to think about for those looking for other options. Thanks for sharing!