Little Known Ways to 8 New Graphic Design Trends That Will Take Over 2018

Being professionals in the design industry, it is very important to sit and dedicate some time analyzing the trends that are going to impact the entire industry in upcoming year. From aesthetic styles to content formats, tools and all the other factors that have become quite prominent in the second half of the year could help us make some solid predictions about the trend that will be trending in the upcoming year. Here, we have summarized some outstanding design trends that will take over the industry in year 2018.

  1. Mid-Century Modern Motifs & Illustrations

A term, mid-century, is used to represent the period of 1933-1965, which is surely becoming the source of inspirations for a lot of web designers. It won’t be wrong saying that 80s are making comeback their way. When the fashion and interior design have incorporated such modern elements of mid-century in waves, now we have decided to observe some more digital adoption and interpretation of those elements.

  1. Moody Tones

Along with a comeback of 80/90s trends, the series of Stranger things has been wildly popular. Not only that, but also the era has come with renew interest in colors that weren’t perceived as bright. Devices used to capture colors back then were somewhat not as saturated and worn out for some different reasons. Many designers are inspired with this phenomenon and they have decided to go for moody color palettes with all kinds of materials including fabric, paper, screen, and many others.

In addition, the term “value” is used to define the relative darkness and brightness of a picture in color theory. The images with moodier tones have some lower value that makes them appear darker. Likely, another trait known as “Chroma” is used to measure the intensity and purity in a color’s quality. The colors which are distant from their pure and are saturated bases, said to have a low Chroma.

  1. Ultra Violet and Galactic Effects

Pantone, a well-known corporation, just declared the Ultra Violet its color of the year for 2018. It goes without saying that this blue-based purple hue reflects the trend of drawing inspiration from space. Hence, it is why the Ultra Violet doesn’t only point to the literal motifs of stars and planets, but also gives a sense of discovering our deeper emotions. Conclusively, you can expect the space-related aesthetics that may impact the web, interior, graphic, and fashion design industries particularly.

  1. Color Fonts

Color fonts are going to be the next big thing in typography. It is so because you are able to create your own font by familiarizing with the concept of color fonts. This is format is something that is going to be incredibly popular in 2018 so you mustn’t miss out on this design tool. The software (Photoshop CC 2017/2018 or Illustrator CC 2018) the use of color font has just been released. Hence, you may expect to see a lot of colors to be used and in development during 2018.

  1. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are particularly very short videos, in which static images are used where first and last frames are almost the same that create an endless motion. These subtle and almost indiscernible animations flood over the web and social media networks specifically.

  1. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs)

A designer comes across a dozens of artworks in his entire lifetime. Particularly, if he has designed for the web, he might have come across fixed-size file types such as GIF, JPG, and PNG. Because the users change their browsing style and do pretty much everything from their mobile phones, the designers have faced a lot of challenges for the presentation of information in a quite responsive manner. For this purpose, we’d ideally like to display every brand message in the friendliest possible format that may appeal to such cellphone users. And when the images are moving, inflexible, and zooming in on elements on the web page for making it mobile-friendly are surely a big challenge. It is only when the SVGs come into scene.

  1. Asymmetry, Memphis, and the Organic Grid

It is another that feels like more of a counter-trend. Also, it is a movement in reaction to decades of constraints towards a symmetric grid. For instance simply, designers from different subjects (web, interiors, fashion, print, identity, and many others) are rejecting the idea about what a layout needs to be contained through some rigid guidelines set. The trend is evident in websites where content modules feature randomly placed containers, elements escape the page, and asymmetrical shapes are scattered throughout.


Professional or beginners, everyone must know the improved and better strategies of their respective industry. However, these are a few trends that are going to rock in the upcoming year.

James Fernandez is an artist, who is well-known for his illustrations and aesthetic web designs. He encourages the learners enrolled in online university degrees as they tend to manage a lot of other responsibility alongside. He appreciates such people as they are multitaskers.

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